When a home doesn't sell or takes too long to sell, the most obvious conclusion may be, "It was priced too high." But what's REALLY going on behind the scenes?

Please watch THIS short video for the answer:

What David talks about is not obvious. The seller of one house buys another, thereby releasing that seller to, in turn, buy another one up the chain.

We've tracked these sales and sometimes the chain is a dozen or so houses long! Imagine 11 houses sitting around waiting for the very first one to sell to unleash all the other sales up the chain!

The real estate broker who understands the "Chain of Events" theory can see solutions lying beneath the surface that others miss.

Further, most home sellers buy their next home within 15 or so miles from where they already live. So, if you're selling your home, the potential buyer of your home lives in the same general area as you but can't buy your house because they also have a house that hasn't sold. Help them sell their house and you'll more than likely have sold yours as well.

We're writing all of this asking you to consider hiring us to be your next broker. Not only do we focus on the SEVEN things that make homes sell faster and for TOP dollar, but we research what is going on in the marketplace that may work to your advantage.

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