It has been widely believed that if you visualize what you want, in time you'll get it. And so, a lot of people visualize things, they affirm them regularly and post pictures of the items on their refrigerators. But the things they really want want elude them.

What's going on? They're missing one important piece of the prosperity puzzle. The mere visualization of the item they hope to get really makes them one-sided "receivers" of things. That's why some individuals who don't know where their next meal is coming from, who beg for assistance, never leave poverty. All they want is a hand out. They want to be professional receivers and so it doesn't work out for them in the long run.

So, what's missing? Selflessly giving a GIFT to someone in need. A gift means to give something to another person without seeking compensation. Note this is different from what some call philanthropy where they'll donate millions of dollars to a university asking that the wing of a building be named after them. Are they really giving a gift or buying recognition from other men?

These very public gifts, while well-meaning go against the advice in the Bible. In Matthew chapter 6 in the Sermon on the Mount, it warned against blowing a trumpet ahead of you to be glorified by men when gift-giving. Instead, when giving gifts of mercy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing so that your gifts may be in secret. Then your Father who looks on in secret will repay you.

The world is full of stories where this has come true. The stories sound similar. A person couldn't feed their family. No food in the house and one or two whole days go by without any meals. The kids were hungry. In full faith of this gift-giving principal we just discussed, the person knew he needed to give a wholehearted, selfless gift to someone without expecting anything in return. But what can he give with no money? He finds flowers in his back yard and takes them to a friend in the hospital. Upon arriving home, there are groceries at the front door given anonymously by some kind neighbor. Or someone shows up and pays something they owe them. Or someone comes to the door with a check for hundreds of dollars because they sensed the need.

The moral of the story? Move from being a receiver in life to being a GIFT GIVER. As children we spent most of our youth receiving handouts by our parents and others. For some children, expecting a handout becomes a lifelong habit. But now that we're adults, it's time to shift gears, be a generous gift giver and a contributor to community, humanity and society.

By the way, the gift you give to others doesn't have to be material. Listening to someone is in itself a love act. But other gifts can be assisting someone to grow with the benefit of your experience. Sense someone is having a tough time economically? Generously give them money without expecting anything back. Because if you call it a loan and the person cannot repay you, you've probably lost them as a friend. It's better if you do your gift giving quietly. Could you do work around the house of someone who cannot do this themselves? Can you take a person who has no car on errands? How about taking a stressed out person to a calm lunch? Giving to a charity quietly feels good too.

Then, as you become a habitual gift giver, watch as your world moves to overall prosperity. Not only may your income increase, but other uncomfortable things may be lifted. Harmful people will disappear and you'll create great relationships with others. Since you'll have lowered your stress, your physical health may improve and maybe you'll live longer! This does not mean you ignore your own needs. But you're balanced and reasonable. 

How does all of this apply to real estate? If you watch TV commercials they instruct buyers and sellers of real estate to be harsh with REALTORS(r) and mortgage lenders. They tell you to shop hard and demand that these people cut their fees so hard that they give away their profits, the very money they need to eat and to have a comfortable life. They ask you to be disloyal to individuals who have served you well in the past and hire new companies that promise monetary savings but instead give you far less than you expect.

And when someone you know needs a real estate professional, instead of focusing on money savings, consider the gift of giving your friend top service, for you know in life you get what you pay for.

Why support greedy people and companies who take and take but give very little in return? Instead assist those in need to have a great life and watch your life grow richly as well.

It may be difficult for us to shift from being self-focused to selfless. But I'm sure you can see with your mind's eye how this quiet shift can not only have a positive impact on humanity, but also will make you feel good about yourself.


By David Jurewicz, Real Estate Broker RE/MAX Gold 00661096. Call 916.682.6454 today.

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