Want to find something worthwhile to do?
Seek out the company that NEEDS you the most.
When I was 16, I decided I wanted to work as a disk-jockey in radio. To get to the size of a marketplace like Sacramento, normally I'd have to start in a small radio market like Lompoc, CA, and then send my resume and sample radio show to bigger markets and see who is interested.
Instead, I decided to see if there was someone in Sacramento near where I already lived, who needed my assistance.
One afternoon, I sat with my radio and tuned to every station in Sacramento listening carefully to see who needed me. Most stations sounded fine except for one. It wasn't as smooth sounding as the others and I noted it had a weaker signal.
So I drove to the studio out in the country and asked for the owner. The owner was intrigued by my interest. We toured the station and I asked him for a job. He hired me on the spot and I was given two shifts that coming weekend.
Months later, the owner of the station called me because the afternoon DJ had quit. He wanted me to take over one of the most important shifts on the station. Some years later, I landed a talk show job at KFBK radio, the number one radio station in Sacramento! That led to some 200 articles I wrote for the Sacramento Bee newspaper and to regular appearances on Channel 3 TV.
It's amazing that now as a host of a music show every Monday from 4-6 P.M. pm on 96.5 FM, KUBU in Sacramento and online at www.DaveRocketRadio.com my radio show today sounds very similar to the show I hosted way back when I was 16.
The moral of the story? If you want to be hired to work, 1. Look for someone who really needs you (the big box store may not really need you, but the smaller competing store might). 2. Ask to speak to the owner who has the power to make the decision to hire you.
Happy job hunting!
By David Jurewicz, REALTOR(r) 00661096, RE/MAX Gold
You can reach David at 916.682.6454.