I say it may be in your best interests to sell now rather than wait. Here's why:

  • We know what things are now, but we don't know the future. Today mortgage rates are low and steady and home prices are rising slowly. In the future, we may have new tax rates, prices may not rise and mortgage rates could go up. Right now things are favorable for home sellers. We don't know how long this great seller's market may last.
  • There may not be as many buyers in the marketplace over the Fall and Winters, but the ones that are looking are really serious. Just think about it, who would anyone brave the cold and rain and the holidays looking for a home unless they really needed to buy one? You may get stronger offers this time of year.
  • Your home looks great. Many people decorate their homes to the best of their ability in the Winter and it may show at it's best this time of year.
  • Some REALTORS(r) take time off this time of year. But the ones that are working are working diligently and are assisting home buyers to locate the best values for their buyer clients. If you're on the market, your home may be considered seriously.
  • A lot of your competition is taking their homes off of the market for the holidays. That means LESS competition for you and greater odds of your home selling for top value.
  • Home buyers may take their year-end bonuses and use them to buy your home.
  • A warm house on a cold day says "HOME" to prospective buyers more than in the Spring or Summer.
  • Mortgage rates go up and down based on demand. If there's less demand for money in the Winter, then rates may be more favorable for home buyers which means your home may be MORE affordable to them.

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By David Jurewicz, Real Estate Broker (00661096) RE/MAX Gold