I've heard real estate companies market to their clients that they are not salespeople. Instead, they claim to be "consultants" or "advisors." 

They're scared you may put them in the same category as the rude, inappropriate, "salespersons" we have all experienced. The truth is those unpleasant people in the sales profession that we avoid are mostly new, inexperienced people who have been tossed into the sales arena without any real training or field experience. They have been given the mandate to "go out and sell" without being taught.

Further, sales is a profession that isn't sought after my the masses. Ask young people what they want to be when they grow up and you'll hear computer expert, software engineer, a law enforcement officer. I have yet to hear a young person say, "I want to go into sales!"

That's because salespeople are labeled pushy, bully, manipulator. Yet, look around you. Almost everything man-made that you see around you is there because some salesperson sold it to you. I remember on many occasions, I knew very little about the product and couldn't decide which item was a better fit for me. The salesperson saved me by listening to my description of my lifestyle and then recommending the product that would suit me the best. For the hundreds of salespeople who have made my life better, I say, "Thank you."

When you hire a real estate broker you need to look for these things:

* Experience. The more houses a REALTOR(r) has sold, the more they have seen and the more problems they have solved. The real estate salesperson knows what is a solution where all persons win and will make that recommendation to you. If there's trouble in the real estate transaction, an experienced agent will know what to do.

* Training. Have they attended sales school? So much of real estate training is about what to do and not about how to do it. Today's salespeople are taught to ask questions to find out the real story so they can make better recommendations to their clients.

* Higher fees. This should not sound strange, but the TOP people in any field out earn the neophytes. So the agents who don't discount their fees are confident of their value in the marketplace. Ask yourself, if a real estate salesperson can't even support their own fees, how are they going to fearlessly support your asking price to other brokers or home buyers? While fees cover things like for sale signs, lockboxes and paperwork chasing, the real money is in the rental of the minds of the salespeople and their experience which you don't have. If you did, you could sell the home yourself. But look around you, when is the last time you saw a "For Sale By Owner" sign? They almost don't exist because selling a home by yourself is a very tall mountain to climb. But here's the good news, every real estate study I've seen on this topic concludes that a home seller will usually net MORE money using a real estate broker than selling the home themselves! Real estate brokers fees aren't really costs, but an investment in an outcome you want.

Throughout my 35+ year real estate career, there have been companies that advertise that if you hire them, they'll charge less. But notice, they almost never advertise they'll net you MORE money at the close of escrow. Think about that. A person I know thought he was doing good saving thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. But he sold his property $20,000 UNDER it's fair market value! That transaction actually COST him money because he hired someone unfamiliar with the marketplace.

And, it's that bottom line and a hassle-free experience that you REALLY are seeking, isn't it?

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