Negotiation begins when you first meet your prospective real estate agent.

When I observe real estate transactions fall apart, it's usually because of a lack of negotiation skills.

Negotiation in home sales isn't just when someone writes an offer on a house, it may also occur when inspections are complete and things are uncovered that need attention or are required by the lender as a condition of funding the new loan.

It's at these times you, as the seller, need a strong advocate for your goals. If your agent needs the sale more than you, they may cave in on important points that may make a difference to your bottom line.

One clue may be how easy your agent agrees to a lower commission. Do you think the top people in real estate work for MORE or for LESS? As with almost all other professions, (you get what you pay for), the top real estate agents and brokers charge more than their less experienced counterparts. Since there are far more agents and brokers in the marketplace than there are sales each month, it's not surprising to see competitions as to which agent will charge the least. It's may sound like a win for you, but it could cost you, big time.

One seller chose a competitor over us because they charged less. The seller sold their home for $20,000 less than top market value due to the mediocre advice he received. Did that seller really save money? No, it COST him money.

Suppose you were accused of a crime you didn't commit, would you want the cheapest attorney to represent you or the one who charges more but has a proven record of success? It's similar in the real estate business.

Will the less expensive agent put MORE money in your pocket? Probably not. In order for them to afford to charge less, they may have to cut corners to still be profitable. This may come in the form of less exposure and marketing of your home, less time spent with the you and working for your interests. It also reflects in the fee they pay to cooperating agents. If their marketing plan does a poor job of attracting interest from good buyer agents, then your odds of getting top market value for your home in a reasonable amount of time also go down, thereby affecting your bottom line.

Here's where the rubber meets the road: If your agent cannot defend their own commission, are they powerful and objective enough to defend your home's price and terms?

And, when it comes to negotiating the sale of your home, does your agent have the experience and skills to create solutions where everyone wins?

We do. So, if you're considering selling your house, call us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. We'll make our recommendations to improve your odds of a fast sale at top market value and show you how we may net you more money. When you hire us, you get two experienced brokers working for you because we're a husband and wife real estate team with over 35 years in real estate.

Remember, the MOST important thing to consider is NOT how much an agent charges, but HOW MUCH MONEY you will receive at the close of the transaction after paying all of your expenses. In that respect, we may be less expensive to you!

Thank you for considering our services.

Coleen and David Jurewicz, REALTORS(r)


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