The best value is buying a house with an existing swimming pool.

That's because most of the time, home owners don't get dollar for dollar back from the swimming pool they built. That means you may be buying a home with a pool that only will cost you pennies on the dollar.

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Homes that have sparkling swimming pools require regular maintenance.  Either you can learn to do this yourself as the owner, or employ a swimming pool maintenance company to handle this for you. By keeping the chemicals in proper balance, you avoid the destructive algae which turns the pool green in color. Also water filters need to be cleaned or changed on a regular basis. If you're considering purchasing a home with a swimming pool, we recommend hiring an expert to examine the pool and equipment to verify it is normal working order before you complete your purchase. In addition the pool walls tile and decking need to be examined for wear.


Yet, most will agree that all that effort is worthwhile.  There's something very comforting about being in or near water. And when entertaining friends or family, the pool may keep them busy.  Since many swimming pools incorporate spas at least a portion of the pool can be used even when there are cold days. Imagine sitting in warm water on a cold day.  It feels so good! Also the swimming season can be extended through the use of solar heating systems or by heaters that use natural gas.


How much value does a pool add to the value of a house?  It depends upon the neighborhood.  Luxury neighborhoods where pools are common may give more value to the pool.  However, lower priced areas where pools are rare may give less value to the pool.  As a general statement, a new swimming pool probably won't add a dollar for dollar price increase. Appraisers add additional value for swimming pools when appraising properties, but it may not be close to the cost of installing the pool.  Therefore, some of the best values are homes now for sale that already have a pool built-in.