Is your home being properly targeted to home buyers?

It seems like an obvious, ridiculous question. But there's more to it. Consider these points:

  • Local home buyers tend to buy a home within 15 miles of where they already live.
  • Out of town buyers may get interested in buying a home by what they see on an Internet home search website.
  • Buyers used to rely on real estate brokers to do home searching. Now they seem to take that duty upon themselves. (Buyers could save a lot of time and frustration by meeting with their brokers, making clear what they want and then allowing the broker to use their experience to locate the best values)

Now that we understand this, what can we do to make your house more appealing to today's home buyers? Here's a few ideas:

  • Think deeply about how to present your home with its best foot forward. What do we say in the MLS? What is its best feature? Can we focus on that feature? Could we create an informative video to arouse interest? How will it appear on Internet web sites?
  • Be careful what you pay the buyer's agent. It's apparent to me that so many sellers are focused on how little they can pay the agent that represents the buyer, thinking they're saving money. Yet it's buyers agents who sell the most homes to buyers. And, they're the ones who usually pitch homes to their buyer clients. Your offering to pay buyer's agents more than other homes now for sale could be a way to make your home stand out from the competition. This strategy may actually net you MORE money in the long run. Call us, we'll explain.
  • Could offering incentives to the buyer cause them to consider your home? Maybe a home warranty plan or money toward loan closing costs or maybe an upgrade the buyer really wants are some ideas.
  • Make it EASY for buyer's agents to sell your home! If the buyer is going down the "home purchase slide", do you put oil on the slide or sand? There are so many sellers and their agents that put huge deterrents to showing their homes. For example, you must contact the agent before you show the home (but the agent won't return their calls promptly). You can only show the home every third Thursday from 1-2 p.m. but not when the buyer is most interested. You must fill out extra, tedious, laborious paperwork just to tender an offer. There's no lockbox so you have to drive across town to pick up a key. Instead, wouldn't it be better to make a simple call to the seller and use the lockbox if they're not home? Or better yet, a vacant house with a lockbox will cause your home to be put on a buyer's showing list ahead of the super-difficult competition. If possible, encourage FHA and VA buyers to see the home. Some sellers insist on conventional offers or all cash offers only thereby eliminating a very powerful part of the market.

If you're considering the sale of your home, don't hire anyone until you hear our marketing plan.

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