We can speak for days about the best way to sell a house. But it's ACTION that makes the MOST money...

Please watch THIS one minute video to learn a surprising fact about selling your home:

The conclusion of that video is: "If we sell your home FASTER it will generally sell for a HIGHER price!"

This goes contrary to what many people believe, that if the home sells fast, it was priced too low. It's those same people who believe that pricing a home high will net the most money. Actually, that outdated thinking may yield less money.

FACT: Sacramento home buyers usually pay close to FULL price for homes. They really don't negotiate much. If the buyer feels the home is overpriced? They generally move on to another home rather than offer a lower price and then go into a long negotiation with the seller.

That's the real reason offering low and hoping to meet in the middle is not a successful strategy for either the buyer or the seller.

What this means for home sellers is that it's critical that the home be priced fairly and at market value right from the beginning rather than starting high and coming down later.

When the listing is first entered to the Multiple Listing Service and on the Internet, many potential buyers will be alerted by home search sites of the new listing. This is the time a seller's home gets the most attention. If it's priced right, it will get enough interest that hopefully, someone will tender a full price or close to full price offer. If the home doesn't sell in the first three weeks, it's time to re-think the home sales strategy.

That's why we call our plan a 30-day plan. That's because it's our objective to sell the home in the first 30 days when there's the most attention and the most potential to get the top market value.

If you're considering selling your home, please call us right away so we can explain how the fast action principle we've just discussed may assist you in getting top market value for your home in a reasonable amount of time.

We look forward to hearing from you at 916.682.6454.

Our best wishes to you.

David and Coleen Jurewicz, REALTORS(r) RE/MAX Gold

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