Use the powerful law of "Differentiation" to improve your odds of a FAST sale!

The term "differentiation" really means using a method to make your home stand out from others.

Take a look at any home search site like THIS ONE. After you've viewed a few houses, the rest start to look the same. What would cause you to click on one home listing vs. another? Something about the house looks different than the others.

So a "different" looking house will probably get more attention than others.

Right away, if just the picture people see first is different than the others it will receive more attention online. So in some of our previous listings, rather than post a picture of the front of the house as the primary photo, we post a picture of one of the highlights of the property. It could be the glorious kitchen, the cool swimming pool, or the extra large rear yard.

But now that a potential home buyer is attracted to your home, what would convince them to put your home on their viewing list? Answer: How nice your home looks inside.

To that end, preparation is involved. When you hire us to be your real estate brokers, we'll walk you through every room in your house and on the outside looking for inexpensive improvements you can make to potentially increase the offer you may receive on your home. We'll assist you in creating a "to-do" list.

It's amazing to us how much home buyers will discount the price of your home on very minor repairs. We say, "Give a buyer NO reason to discount your price!"

So if more than minor work needs to be done, locate a reasonable contractor to do the work. If you feel it's advisable, hire a pest control company to evaluate your home's structure and a whole house inspector to see if all of your systems are functioning properly.

Doing this early, before you place your home on the market has its advantages. To begin with, you'll have no surprises so large that it can actually terminate a transaction. This means you can reasonably deal with the issue before it becomes a factor in a future transaction. You can do this without being under the undue pressure of contract time limits.

If you don't want to do the work, then an appropriate asking price can be chosen up front which takes into account the work that may be required.

Did you know you can have a home warranty covering the home while it's on the market? This could give you peace of mind should a covered appliance go bad while the home is for sale. And then, offering to provide a home warranty to a future buyer could make your home more attractive and differentiate it from others.

Of all of the above suggestions, the most important is to consult with an experienced real estate professional.

If you'd like a no-cost, no-obligation consultation about your home's potential sales value and how much money you may net at close of escrow, please call Coleen and David Jurewicz (00661096, 00826558) REALTORS(r) today at 916.682.6454.

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