The Internet allows you to search for homes night and day. But is that REALLY the BEST way to locate property?

One of my clients sent me some property they thought would be good for them. However, neither property was a possibility for reasons they did not know but I found out.

You see, REALTORS(s) for the most part have insight into what's going on behind the scenes of a listing. And, they can call the agent who has it listed and discuss options. Will this property work with the type of loan a potential buyer is using? How much work does it really need? Is it priced fairly?

This is the reason it's best to rely on your agent to assist you in locating a house instead of doing it yourself. But this only works if you've had a meeting with your agent where you lay out what type of house you're seeking, what price range and what area best suits you. This allows the agent to use their computer to narrow down the search. Coupled with the agent's experience, your agent will know if a house has potential or not.

Are you tired of looking and looking and nothing is working out? Then let's have a serious conversation about what is possible for you.

GO to THIS page, The Dream Home Finder, and fill it out. We'll then go to work to only show you the homes that have the greatest odds of satisfying your needs.

Why make home shopping so hard? Have an experienced agent guide you through the process.

If you want to speak about it over the phone, our number is 916.682.6454. Our best wishes to you. Of course, if you're under contract with another agent, please disregard this offer.

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