New video from Sacramento, CA REALTOR(r) Coleen Jurewicz reveals that the sense of smell is powerful and can influence buying decisions!

WATCH the short video HERE:

Often, we don't know there are odor issues in our home. Prospective sellers of homes may wish to step outside of the home for a period of time, then re-enter to see if they smell odors such as food odors, pet odors, or odors having to do with cleanliness.
We've watched prospective buyers enter a home, rush through it and then exit quickly without considering the possibilities that home may offer to them just because of an odor!
It may be better to investigate the cause of the odor rather than just mask it with a commercial air freshener. 
It's a touchy subject, but an experienced real estate broker has the duty to inform their client of this issue because it may affect the client's money bottom line.
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