There is no great mystery as to why some homes don't sell. It usually comes down to these 5 things:

1. Home is priced too high. This is usually because the home seller assumes they'll get back every penny of home improvements they've made to the property. But is that reasonable? If your roof leaks and you install a new roof, does that add $15,000 to the value of the property? No, you were doing routine maintenance, not not drastically improving the home's value. It's in this very important area where a good real estate broker may guide you. You're paying the broker a fair amount of money. Listen to the broker's advice.

2. Poorly marketed. A good real estate broker knows what pictures to take, and how to word things for the greatest appeal. I actually saw a listing where the agent marketed the home with two words, "Nice home," and NO pictures! How will that translate to online interest?

3. Too hard to show! Too hard to write an offer! When I work with home buyers, these are the most frustrating things. Some seller's agents make you call them first. But what if you can't reach the agent? There's no lockbox to show the home. Then they limit showing times to every third Thursday closest to a full moon. That property goes to the bottom of the pile. Also, some agents put all kinds of paperwork obstacles in the way of writing an offer. Make sure your agent makes it as easy as possible for buyer's agents to view the home and write an offer.

4. Home is not set up to show beautifully. That means too much clutter, no staging and too many repairs not made. A good real estate broker will assist the seller of the home in getting the home to look it's best. Since so few homes are in outstanding condition, yours will stand out and hopefully get the offer from a well qualified home buyer before the competition.

5. Seller did not choose the right company to represent them. The right agent and company dramatically improves your odds of a home sale. Did you know that almost 30% of home buyers in Sacramento, CA are from out of town? We recommend you hire a real estate company that appeals to out of town home buyers. I am biased about this having run my own real estate company in the past. I closed that company and joined RE/MAX Gold in Elk Grove, CA because  the RE/MAX system has 100,000 agents in over 6,500 offices in about 100 countries! Did you know that in the Sacramento area, just working for RE/MAX improves my odds of getting my listings sold, especially to out of town buyers? Why not choose a RE/MAX agent and improve the odds of getting more attention to your home from experienced buyer agents? Bigger companies also have tracking systems to make sure your file can withstand future legal challenges. Choose experienced brokers Coleen and David Jurewicz (00661096, 00826558) to represent you in your home sale. We hope our experience and connections may lead to a bigger bottom line for you when your home sells.

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